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Bell County Fire Departments get ready for icy roadways

Posted at 4:35 PM, Feb 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 17:35:51-05

Another cold winter front is rolling through Central Texas. The freezing temperatures and icy roads are making it tough for drivers to get around, including emergency vehicles.

“While they’re designed to work in any climate, it takes a bit of a toll on vehicles here,” said Killeen Fire Department Chief James Kubinski.

Killeen and Temple fire departments are prepared and ready to respond to any call.

“Making sure they get out and they drain those air chambers for the brake systems, so they don’t freeze up,” said Chief Kubinski.

“If they do get really bad like the last one we do have chains and cables to help us with additional traction,” said Temple Fire and Rescue Chief Mitch Randles.

That is not all, crews also have plans to use multiple vehicles to move around slippery roadways just in case.

“We were shipped over to the booster trucks there in the Station. We have a number of those, six in our fleet,” said Chief Kubinski.

Since last year’s winter blast crippled the state's power grid, local emergency officials are ready now more than ever.

“We will call in extra crews if we run into any power line issues, slid off, or those types of things. We also called an extra cruise to help our water shut-offs,” said Chief Randles.

Officials say they have moved equipment that could freeze outdoors and put salt and sand out on driveways and entrances.

They also say if you do not have to get out on the roads, do not. Local emergency officials say they see more accidents like slips and falls on ice or reports of burst pipes. Remember, to allow water to drip from your faucets and cover any exposed pipes.