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Bell County Comic Con is coming back amid COVID surge

Posted at 10:28 PM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 23:29:28-04

The Bell County Comic-Con is back!

"I’m so excited," said Killeen Resident Champaine Belford. "I want to cosplay; it looks so much fun. It’s great to get responses from people when you’re dressed as their favorite character."

The event was scrapped last year due to the pandemic, but now thousands are ready to come out dress up, and have fun.

"It’s just great to come out and be around people that are pretty much obsessed with something in their own little way,” said Killeen Resident Andrea Van Buren.

Bell County officials say Comic-Con will fill up much of the Expo Center.

Officials say they are expecting to see 35,000 people show up, nearly double the turnout seen since the last one in 2019.

“All of the events that we’ve been doing this summer, I think, I’ve had good really good participation and turnout. I think a lot of that has to do with that people are ready to get back out and experience events,” said Bell County Expo Center Executive Director Tim Stephens.

While the event is making a comeback, so are COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, reaching 18 percent in Bell County this week, the highest rate since February. Attendees are more than aware.

“My concern is to really wash my hands and make sure that no one is close to my face. If someone is coughing, I don’t want to be by that person,” said Belford.

“I’m going to be wearing a mask, my husband is going to be wearing a mask. We are not going to be shaking hands with anybody. Normally there is a bunch of hugging and taking photos but we'll just be standing next to people to take photos this year,” said Van Buren.

Bell County officials said they will have hand-washing stations, encouraging people to wear masks, and social distance as well as sanitize facilities through the event.