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Bell County breweries partner for release of 'Mermadillo' Beer

Posted at 5:04 PM, Oct 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-13 15:01:23-04

BELL COUNTY, TX — For the first time in a Central Texas county, two breweries are coming together to create a collaboration beer.

On Oct. 31, Bold Republic and Barrow Brewing Companies will release a Hazy IPL they are calling the “Mermadillo.”

"At Barrow we believe in beer and mermaids because of the mermaid legend here in Salado, and at Bold Republic, their mascot is an armadillo, so we really loved the idea of bringing both of those worlds together,” said co-owner of Barrow Brewing Company K.D. Hill.

Barrow Brewing Company made history by becoming the first micro-brewery to open its doors in Salado. A few years later Bold Republic Brewing Company did the same in Belton.

Now, the companies say everything is coming full circle.

"Somebody who we looked up to who helped us, you know, when we started out in this industry, now to be peers brewing this beer together, it's just a very cool experience. It's kind of like we have arrived because we are alongside someone who was just so influential,” said Adriane and Patrick Hodges, owners of Bold Republic Brewing Company.

Barrow and Bold Republic Brewing Companies are continuing their historic runs by making the first-ever collaboration beer in the county.

"To collaborate on this beer style, we met up, sat around the table and talked about some things we wanted to do, some of the things that we have never done before, some beer styles that we were both interested in that were compelling to us, and we settled on a Hazy IPL,” Hill said.

The “Hazy IPL” style beer is rarely done across the nation, but with the best in Bell County coming together, the Mermadillo will call the breweries home starting on Halloween.

"It is just the two of us in Bell County, so why wouldn't we work together and come up with something really cool that draws on both of our talents?” Adriane said. "It's just going to make more people happy, and it's just a time to celebrate this industry and people coming together, you know, we need to see more of that and take our little community in Belton, their community in Salado and all the crossover we have."

The Mermadillo will be released during a simultaneous launch, meaning you will be able to try the new brew at both Barrow and Bold Republic.

Anyone who attends the event will get a commemorative glass with the Mermadillo logo on it free with their first pour.

In the meantime, you can check out both breweries at community events.

Barrow Brewing Company is hosting Oktoberfest on Oct. 12 & Oct. 19. The event kicks off at noon on both days.

Bold Republic Brewing Company will also be hosting their own version of Oktoberfest called “Low Country Oktoberfest.” The breweries first shrimp & crab leg boil will kick off on Oct. 19 at noon.