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Baylor Scott & White Temple named number two teaching hospital in country

BS&W Temple
Posted at 4:54 PM, Jun 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-24 18:09:28-04

TEMPLE, TX — Baylor Scott & White Temple is being recognized for their teaching methods.

Fortune and IBM Watson annually rank the best teaching hospitals in the country. Out of 2,675 eligible non-federal U.S. hospitals, that list is narrowed down to 100, and BS&W Temple took the second-place spot on the list. Such an honor could not be accomplished by just a few people.

The success was made possible through the power of teamwork. Tresa McNeal. a hospitalist physician at BS&W Temple, is one of the professionals that trains new doctors and healthcare workers.

"I can't imagine this hospital with only physicians being involved. It truly takes a village to sort of raise up the next generation of healthcare providers," McNeal said.

Fortune and IBM Watson grade teaching hospitals on five performance criteria: clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, patient experience, financial health and community health. Their commitment to learning from each other and always seeking to improve their care are the reasons the hospital was recognized with high honors.

"It's not just us saying that we're a friendly and healthy place to learn. It's actually translating into patient outcomes, it's translating into value-based care," McNeal said.

Christian Cable is a great example of how the training program can foster new careers. He started his residency at Baylor Scott & White Temple and later became their medical director of education. During his time at the hospital, he says he's always learning something new.

"One of the great things about being here is that, always for the best of the patient, we're learning. Trying to do things better," Cable said.

Cable and McNeal both graduated from TAMU Medical School, so they understand the value of giving back to their community. They strive to provide the best medical care, and in doing so, often times they will be rewarded. In this case, it's being named the number two teaching hospital in the country. For Cable, it's about seeing new seeds being planted in the community.

"To me the most significant is someone understand the community, contributes to its progress, and becomes part of this very special place in Central Texas," Cable said.

Baylor Scott & White Temple scored five stars in the categories of clinical outcomes and operational efficiency. Four stars were awarded for patient experience and financial health. The hospital won't be resting on their laurels any time soon. Each day brings a new adventure, and a chance to make a difference in a patient's life.

"It's really not about winning," McNeal said. "It's about each of us bringing our best self every day, and what that becomes over time."

More inclusions on the Fortune and IBM rankings may be in their future, but for the time being, the hospital staff will focus on passing on their knowledge. The recognition flows down to Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest in Waco. This is their eleventh year breaking the top 100 list, but this is their highest ranking thus far.

For this accomplishment, the Temple Chamber of Commerce will be presenting Baylor Scott & White Temple with an award.

“Temple is a big player in the training of new doctors,” Temple Chamber President Rod Henry said. “We are thrilled that Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Temple received this national recognition to accompany the 100+ years of history and legacy as a Central Texas economic engine.”

The award presentation will also serve as the official kick-off to the Temple Chamber’s 11th Annual Baylor Scott & White Health Community Showcase.

“No one else goes to the extent Temple does in welcoming our new resident physicians upon their arrival to the community," Henry said. "Between the annual Showcase, now in its eleventh year, and the street banners, Temple is second to none when it comes to rolling out the blue carpet of welcome to our new arrivals and their families."