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AdventHealth unveils 3D Mammography Equipment

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jul 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-09 19:44:16-04

KILLEEN, TX — According to The American College of Radiology, mammography has helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the United States by nearly 40 percent since 1990.

AdventHealth Central Texas has decided to take patient care to an even higher level by introducing state of the art 3D Mammography Equipment.

"I kind of discovered my own lump. I was in the shower and I felt it and then my mammogram was coming up,” said Antoinette Shaw, a five-year breast cancer survivor.

Shaw knows all too well how vital early detection can be.

“Very important. I was in stage 1, so you don't want to get too far into stages because it's more difficult to treat,” said Shaw.

"Well you don't have to have a family history of breast cancer in order to get breast cancer. And males can get breast cancer as well. Breast cancer can develop fast, so you want to make sure you're getting them [mammograms] annually,” said Crystal Clawson, women’s imaging supervisor with Advent Health Central Texas.

Shaw explained if it wasn't for her yearly screening mammogram, she might not be alive today.

"It was lifesaving technology. It gave them direction. Gave them where to look more," said Shaw.

The team at Advent Health Central Texas shared they are doing what they can to provide a better exam environment for patients like Shaw.

The Sue Mayborn Women's Center recently unveiled a new 3D Mammography system from Siemens Healthcare.

"The 2D image is basically capturing the image up and down and side to side with the 3D capability there is going to be slices taken of the breast there will be 25 pictures the radiologist will be able to go slice by slice basically looking through each individual layer of the breast tissue,” said Shaw.

Shaw hopes it will make a real difference for the community.

"I think it means better imaging. Better quality. Quicker finding location of the tumors I think," said Shaw.

For more information on the new equipment and to schedule an appointment, you can contact AdventHealth Central Texas.