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7 Seas Aquarium in Temple Mall postpones opening due to 'last minute adjustments'

7 Seas Aquarium
Posted at 3:15 PM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-24 20:47:25-05

TEMPLE, TX — The 7 Seas Aquarium in the Temple Mall is postponing their opening due to last minute adjustments.

The aquarium was scheduled to open its doors on February 24.

7 Seas posted on Facebook Friday that due to some last minute minor adjustments and revisions required by the City's planning department, the opening has been temporarily delayed.

"to have an aquarium here would be great... but we want to make sure it's safe once it opens it's doors."
says Temple Public Relations Manager Laurie Simmons.

She says the the city has been working with aquarium officials since november... and has recently been in contact with city managers to get things up and running.

"That's part of the building permit process, our fire life and safety teams go through the site plans to make sure it can handle the amount of people slated for the building safety, making sure there are no hazards." says Simmons.

but Simmons says the city is waiting for aquarium officials to submit site plans... before it can give the aquarium the green light.

the aquarium's curator Fidel Junco says the fish are all on standby...and permits are ready to go.

"safety is number one for us, animal safety and people safety. we're really working on this...we're serious about it, and we're doing everything possible with the city to expedite whatever is left to do." says Junco.

junco says today he's meeting with the temple assistant city manager... to get electircal and plumbing details finalized.

"everything is coming, it's coming along. you guys wont regret it. you'll enjoy it, the experience is gonna be wonderful for everyone in the city and surrounding communities." says Junco

The aquarium said they do not anticipate the delay going past the end of the month.