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6-year-old donates nearly $800 to Hope Pregnancy Center in Killeen

Posted: 6:45 PM, May 15, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-15 19:57:54-04
Rain Johnston

KILLEEN, TX — Lemonade Day teaches kids how to start, operate and own their own businesses.

A young entrepreneur was shown the ropes on Fort Hood earlier this month and she's using her new set of skills to give back to her community.

Through two days of selling lemonade and other treats, Rain Johnson was able to make more than $1,200.

Johnson's mother, Amanda, said about 300 people stopped by her stand. Their church and family friends made donations as well.

But the generous 6-year-old isn't keeping every dollar she earned.

On May 15, Rain donated a check for $769.50 to Hope Pregnancy Center in Killeen.

"It makes me feel good because they help mommies and daddies," Rain said.

They also helped Amanda while she was pregnant with Rain's little sister, Sky.

"We came and they gave to us, so she wanted to give back to them," Amanda said.

During that time, Rain got to know the center and its employees pretty well. Her donation will help buy clothes, diapers and other essentials for the babies.

Hope Pregnancy Center Director Kerie George said they don't receive donations of this size very often, much less from someone Rain's age.

"I'm really impressed with what a 6-year-old can do for the community," Geroge said. "If a 6-year-old can do this, what else can all of us, the rest of us adults, do in the community to make a difference?"

After Rain pays back her investors, also known as mom and dad, she'll save the rest of her money for next year's lemonade stand.

She also plans on buying a few new outfits for Sky.

"She really does love to give to other people," Amanda said. "It makes me super proud."

To learn more about Hope Pregnancy Center and its services, click here .