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'100 volunteers': Central Texas coalition performing homeless count, handing out food

Posted at 1:05 PM, Jan 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-25 14:09:11-05

CENTRAL TEXAS — The Central Texas Homeless Coalition is going the extra mile this week to do a homeless count and distribute some much-needed necessities.

George Losoya, Director for area aging in Central Texas, works with the group.

Losoya said in part, "It's really critical that we do a count so that we can determine our needs for our counties that serve homelessness."

The Central Texas Homeless Coalition will now submit the data that they collect in one day with the help of volunteers to the federal government to be assisted with funding and a lot of homeless initiatives.

Most of the smaller rural areas in Central Texas are hit by homelessness the most.

This is why 100 volunteers will come out to assist with the count, they will also give out sandwiches and necessity bags while they do so.

The organization said they are teaming up with the Killeen and Temple Police departments for safety and security reasons, as well as to help them locate different homeless encampments.

The data that will be collected is to find out whether those experiencing homelessness are in shelters, how many are Veterans and to learn where most of them are traveling from.

Temple police said this data is solely being collected to help make the homeless situation in Bell County a lot better.