Health science students at Blinn participate in emergency response simulations

Posted at 8:19 PM, Oct 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-20 00:08:06-04

BRYAN, Texas — Blinn Health Sciences students participate in emergency response simulations to help them prepare for real-life scenarios.

From EMS, nursing, radio techs, and social work, students get the opportunity to participate in emergency response simulations once a semester.

It’s going really well,” said Sally Osth, EMT student, Blinn College. “I really enjoy the material. I want to be a firefighter paramedic, so this is the first step towards that.”

Osth is in her first year of the EMT program.

“I actually have a degree from Texas A&M,” said Osth. “I graduated last year, and then I went to go find myself for a year and then came back for this.”

After taking a year break, Osth realized the career path for her.

“I was a psychology major,” said Osth. “I thought I wanted to be a therapist and then I realized I wanted to help people in a more acute setting.”

EMS instructor Jason Vrooman says simulation days make him proud to see students apply what they’re learning in class.

“I really enjoy to watch to see what they’ve been picking up in class and then put it into play and you can kind of see, oh maybe I know the book side of this but put it into a practical sense,” said Vrooman. “We try to make it as realistic as possible.”

Blinn EMS students

With the design and amenities at the RELLIS campus, students have the resources they need to succeed.

“We have a beautiful campus out here at RELLIS,” said Vrooman. “We have our own ambulance. We get to use all very high-tech equipment. That also makes it really nice, too with the mannequin capabilities and the capabilities of our faculty and staff here.”

Blinn EMS students

Simulation days make Osth excited for her future.

“It’s great to synthesize all the information that we’ve learned kind of in a real time situation,” said Osth. “It’s really exciting to get the adrenaline pumping. I think it’s a good next step to prepare us for clinicals and eventually, the real world.”

Students will have the opportunity to participate in another real-life simulation next spring.