Hamilton sheriff works to open 'silo' inspired restaurant

Justin Caraway shows off new restaurant under construction
Posted at 7:52 PM, Mar 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-25 06:44:07-04

HAMILTON, TEXAS — While the I-35 and corridor in Central Texas has seen fast growth in the last couple of years, the outlying areas have had a tougher time attracting new business.

So in some outlying areas, folks have begun taking matters into their own hands to attract new business and foot-traffic.

One family's investment in Evant with a new safari and RV park has brought some new prosperity to that town.

Up the road to Hamilton, the sheriff has begun a project he hopes, will put the town on the tourist map.

These days, in his spare time, Hamilton County Sheriff Justin Caraway, trades in his guns and handcuffs...for a hammer and nails.

"There's been a need in this community for a long time for a draw here for live music, good food and that's what we plan to bring," said Justin Caraway.

He's building The Grain Drafthouse and Eatery, a place he hopes will become a popular gathering spot for people in Hamilton, a town without much in the way of nightlife.

Caraway wanted a distinctive design for his distinctive restaurant, so he borrowed from Waco's most popular attraction, and gave his place a "silos look."

”It seems to be a popular trend and I'm OK with uh, riding someone's coat-tails if I have to, you know,” he said.

Caraway says all the materials for this project come from Central Texas.

”We got these [silos] purchased from a family outside of town and it's just a cool concept to do and we got it bought and it all just seemed to come together,” Caraway explained.

He says he wants to give families a place to celebrate special occasions, hear good music, and enjoy good good in the heart of downtown Hamilton.

”Well it's a family establishment, it ain't a honky-tonk or anything like that. We're going to have good music here,” he said.

He hopes, once this venue opens, good word of mouth will spread the word about his unique business... bringing in folks far and near for a good time... with good friends.

"Come check out our community. We've got a great place, we're a hidden gem here in Hamilton, just uh, get the word out and draw peolple here that's what.. we hope this is the start of a good thing for our community," he said.

A community of friendly people waiting to welcome new friends for a good time.

Caraway expects to open his new restaurant and gathering place June 15.