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Good Morning Texas on Tour: Falls County

Posted at 5:55 AM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 09:53:53-04

FALLS COUNTY, TX — Falls County is a small county that was originally a hunting ground for several tribes. The county seat is in Marlin.

The 2010 census said the population of the county was 17,866.

In this GMT on Tour: Falls County, we visited Rosebud and Marlin. You can learn about the different cities, and their history in the videos above.

Here are some things you might not know:

Falls County was named after a waterfall

The county itself is actually named after a waterfall. A 10-foot waterfall on the Brazos River gave the county it's name, but it disappeared when the river changed its course during a storm in 1866. The new falls is at the Falls on the Brazos Park.

Two movies were filmed in Marlin

Marlin is actually the filming location for two movies. The 2006 movie "Infamous" and the 1976 movie "Leadbelly" were filmed in the area.

Falls County's economy is largely based on agriculture

Falls County is the sixth largest producer of corn in the state of Texas. In 2002, the county had 1,149 farms and ranches covering 408,692 acres, 64 percent of which were devoted to crops and 31 percent to pasture. In that year local farmers and ranchers earned $67,944,000, with livestock sales accounting for $50,515,000 of that total.