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City of Bellmead explores options to improve drainage for residents, business owners

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-13 22:33:41-05

BELLMEAD, Texas — In a unanimous decision, the Bellmead City Council voted to approve the ordinance to charge residents and businesses in an effort to fund an improved drainage system for the city.

When it rains, it floods for many in Bellmead, even brief rain causes issues for some in the city.

Now, Bellmead is looking at a flat rate to charge home and business owners to improve drainage.

"Every time it rains, I get so many complaints about 'Can the council fix the problems that we have with the drainage here in Bellmead?' So this is just one solution to go ahead and start the process," Mayor Travis Gibson said after Tuesday's vote.

It only takes brief rainfall for the parking lot of Studio 84 Waco in Bellmead to fill with water. Other businesses and homes deal with the same issue.

“Our parking lot gets really flooded especially our grassy area of the parking lot, it’s difficult especially when we bring our kids because we don’t want our kids running through it and it’s not a very pleasant smell,” said Valeria Martinez co-owner of Studio 84.

The City of Bellmead is looking to make drainage improvements, charging residents a flat rate of $3.89 per month and for commercial owners based on their lot size.

An idea Martinez welcomes if it means improvements.

City manager Yost Zakhary said the problems will take time to fix. Once the work starts, he says drastic changes for the better will happen.

"By this time next year we can address some of the smaller issues and then as we build the funds over the years to come, they can really address some of the large drainage issues the city has been suffering from," said Zakhary.