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When thinking of pets as Christmas gifts instead give that animal the gift of your heart

Aggieland Humane Society discusses the importance of making a commitment when adopting a pet at the holidays.
Posted at 8:27 PM, Dec 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-13 21:27:01-05

BRYAN, Texas — Thinking of giving a puppy, kitten or another animal as a Christmas present this year? The Aggieland Humane Society wants to give some guidance and important things to consider before taking home a new furry family member.

There’s been an influx of animals at the Aggieland Humane Society over the past few days. And while you might be tempted to snatch up one of these fluffy cuties as a Christmas present for someone in your family, the shelter would like to stress that a new pet is not something to just surprise someone with, in hopes that the adoption will stick.

“Make sure when you’re doing this good thing for a pet, you know exactly what’s coming," said Savannah Gaines, development director with Aggieland Humane Society. "So it’s never a good idea to just give someone a gift that is a pet unless you have talked to that person beforehand. They know that it’s coming, you know that they want it, and they’re expecting it.”

Gaines said too often a cute puppy will be picked up and returned once the adopter realizes they weren’t prepared for the dedication.

For many people, a more senior animal would be a great option.

“They’re always so thankful just to be rescued. Every adult and senior dog are so thankful you came and got them, and you can feel how thankful they are for you.”

And after all – animals are more than just presents. They’re emotionally intelligent beings with the ability to form bonds, and to feel both sadness and joy. Aggieland Humane suggests, let the holidays be about giving the gift of your heart to someone furry.

To adopt or foster, visit the following link: Aggieland Humane Society.