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Voters across the Brazos Valley make sure their voices are heard with voter participation

Posted at 2:27 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 15:27:55-05

BRAZOS VALLEY, TEXAS — There are many reasons why voters cast a ballot in any given election. 25 News drove across the Brazos Valley and shares why some voters are making the choice to vote this time around.

"We've got a lot going on. We have got to get it straightened up and it's time to do something about it today," Danny Smith, a Leon County voter said.

Across the Brazos Valley residents are making today count for more reasons than just one. One Leon County Resident says he knows his community will show up big.

"Everybody is going to get out and vote here... it's real important that they do.... they will be out and will vote.. don't worry," Smith added.

Some Brazos Valley voters say they cast their ballots in an effort to keep things the way they are, while others are hoping for a change.

"Just to make a difference in my kid's life...," Danielle Wilkinson, a Madison County mother said for a reason on why she's voting.

First time voting in Madison County, Danielle Wilkinson says she doesn't only think of herself when selecting elected-officials, she also thinks of her daughter and says the circumstances of voting during the pandemic don't change much for her.

"This year is way different.. you know COVID... masks.. sanitizer.. so it's different for everybody. I am used to masks, my daughter battled cancer. It's (this year's election) pretty important for everybody," Wilkinson added.

Voters in Robertson County like resident Mary Owens say getting out is critical.

"It's very important that every American should get out here and vote for who they believe in and who they want for their country... whoever it is they vote for. I think it's very important," Mary Owens, a Robertson County voter said.

Whether for personal reasons, social reasons, hoping to make a difference, or simply expressing their right to vote, voters in the Brazos Valley are out making sure their voices are heard.