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University Dr closing some doors, as winter weather continues to pour

Posted at 4:40 PM, Feb 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-18 18:53:32-05

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — The winter storm across the state is leaving many places almost unrecognizable to residents who see them within their daily commute, including, a near-empty University Dr.

University Drive is a 6-lane gateway to College Station and Texas A&M, so imagine seeing it without any cars.

Normally, one of the busiest roads for not only students but also College Station residents... now, it sits quietly among the mushed up snow and slush.

"We are low on food, so we are going to see if some of the stores around here like the CVS might be open, so we can get a couple of extra things," William Stewart, a College Station resident shared.

Rationing what they can and salvaging what power they have, some residents say, what's happening is something they've never experienced before in life.

"The apartment that we are at has been okay, but you know, we have been watching across the street where the power has been in and out, like getting in touch with my friends has been really crazy," Stewart added.

As millions across Texas are still without power, University Drive is also falling victim to the wrath of the winter storm.

"It's pretty crazy... there's no food places open.. the dining halls have been crazy backed up... it's chaos, honestly," Cassidy Hunt, a Texas A&M freshman shared.

From a quick glance, almost no businesses have their 'open' signs lit down University Drive. Thus, leaving those who normally walk to the Northgate area, stuck without any options from Postmates... or post mail.

"So I went to my P.O. Box to get a winter coat, but it's not there... So this will do I guess," Hunt added, as she clung to the coat she was already wearing.

As Texans head into their third day of power outages, the consequences of the record-breaking demands for electricity are not only felt statewide, but also in the localist of our own commutes.