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Truman's kids chocolate camp looks to inspire kiddos in the kitchen

Posted at 1:44 PM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 10:10:49-04

BRYAN, Texas — Warning: this story may cause you to have a sweet tooth...

Inspiring kids isn't Mitch Siegert's- the owner and chef of Truman's Chocolates- main focus but instead he is fulfilled to share experiences with kiddos in the kitchen.

Growing up in the kitchen Mitch Siegert the owner and chef behind Truman's Chocolates, was inspired to become a chef.

”I wanted to open up a restaurant and I went to culinary school, got a degree in culinary arts, I decided to stay and get another degree in baking and pastries because I wanted to do deserts,” said Siegert.

After studying in New York for culinary school, Siegert decided to bring his skills to his hometown. Although the pandemic posed a great challenge for Siegert's small business, it motivated him to start a chocolate summer camp. The three-day camp allows kids to play and learn all things chocolate in the kitchen. Back in his hometown Siegert began providing the next generation of chefs and bakers with a hands-on chocolate-making experience.

”I feel like we’re just playing but what we’re doing is letting kids see this is a job. They see my job and it doesn’t feel like work, and they can be inspired by that,” he said.

Truman's Chocolates Camp gives kids a fun outlet to learn new skills, but for some, the joys of being in the kitchen are the time spent with others.

”Yes, because we get to make chocolates, and every day I get to bring it home to my family,” said Blayke Rodrigue, camper of Truman's Chocolates Camp.

”I like that everybody is so nice, and they always make us laugh and have fun together and there’s, like, no rules,” said Rorey Carreth, another camper.

Siegert says it’s fulfilling to see his campers learn to not give up when things get messy.

”A kitchen's a great place for kids to be like that because it is more hands-on...if you mess something up it lets you realize 'I can be a kid and I don’t have to know how to do everything',” he said.

Some campers who participated in the past have been inspired to continue their culinary journeys.