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'Today is about the wings': Local restaurant overcomes setbacks for Big Game

Posted at 8:04 PM, Feb 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-13 21:05:15-05

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — While businesses are reporting setbacks from the supply chain, one local restaurant is capitalizing on 'foot traffic' from the Big Game.

Cory Davis, franchisee owner of Walk-On's, has been planning for one of America's biggest celebrations and all the "traditional" meals fans expect.

”Today is about the wings," said Davis.

"Which is perfect for a big game, so we expect to sell a lot of those items today,”

The local sports bar shared they've been stocking up on all the fan-favorite items, ensuring they would not run out on customers.

”It’s been challenging, but we’re still going to be able to get through it." said Davis.

"Obviously prices are up because of the shortages, so we had to alter a couple of things on our menu, but other than that, our whole menu is 100 percent still rock and rolling,”

Even with the change in prices, local customers said it really has not placed a damper on their spirits.

”No, I definitely haven't been worried about that," said Bryce MacDonald, a Walk-On's customer.

"I'm just more focused on the drinks, and the friends, and the food,”

“It’s all that you can do," said Erica Hinson, Walk-On's customer.

"I mean you can’t get upset, it’s truly the world that we live in, and everyone should be so thankful to get out and be among our friends and family,”

Meanwhile, some are simply excited to see their top choices return to the menu today.

”They actually told me today that they have waffle fries back," said Hinson.

"They haven't been for a long time because of the supply chain,

There is a lot of places that we go that don’t have what we’re there for but it is what it is,"

The USDA and FDA say they’re closely monitoring the food supply chain as they frequently communicate with food manufacturers and grocery stores.