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The homeless community trying to get a stimulus check may face many roadblocks

Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 19, 2021

BRAZOS VALLEY, TX — People across the U.S. are frantically checking to see if their stimulus check has arrived, but what if you don’t have a permanent address?

This is something many people haven't put much thought into but has now sparked an interest in conversation. How to help these individuals get their hands on the money they deserve, just as much as anyone else.

“ I must admit, I had not given it a lot of thought initially until you mentioned it,” Sam Hill, Pastor North Bryan new Birth Baptist church. “Sometimes, without trying to fairly do so, people can be somewhat insensitive in light of individuals that are homeless or various others in need,”

Hill says, to coordinate this kind of an effort, the logistics need to be figured out. A challenge indeed, but to Hill, with this kinda significant need... this is a challenge he finds very interesting.

”If there was somebody in our church particularly interested in that, we truly wouldn’t hinder them in getting started and surely would give them all the assistance we possibly could to make the logistics work,” Hill added.

Since the economic impact aids have been disbursed, the most critical population to reach has been those suffering from homelessness. Following the logistics of lacking a permanent home address, a bank account, or even basic internet access.

Some may suggest they can purchase a post office box, but the cost for an extra small box at the Downtown Bryan post office is $34 for 3 months. Purchasing one is largely unattainable for this community.

According to the IRS, they have partnered with groups to reach the homeless community, getting them signed up for these direct cash payments.

“Since the first round of stimulus payments, the IRS has been working extensively with partner and outreach groups across the country to reach the homeless community. These efforts helped many in the homeless community sign up for payments, but more remain eligible.”

The IRS also says, for those who haven't received any stimulus aid thus far... you’re still eligible! You must simply file a 2020 tax return, even if you’re not required to do so.

“People who did not get, or did not get the full amount of the first two economic impact payments, will need to file a 2020 tax return and claim the recovery rebate credit, even if they are not required to file a tax return.”

If you don’t have access to a computer, united way always recommends you utilize your public libraries for internet access. Also, connect with your local worship center to see if they can provide support through this process.

“As I always say, we have a very large-hearted church family and maybe somebody who just resonated with you, and you know, said like I would like to be able to help with that effort if there is really a perceived need,” said Hill.

Pastor Hill says, he is open to the conversation but as of right now there are no projects in place in the Brazos Valley tackling this issue head-on but we will be sure to track this and keep those in need up to date.

According to a survey by the Texas homeless network, in 2020, more than 5 thousand people are suffering from homelessness in Texas.