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'The Best of Aggieland: Gatherings & Gamedays' supports small businesses, scholarships

Posted at 8:36 PM, Dec 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-09 12:22:49-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — One book, 'The Best of Aggieland: Gatherings & Game Days' is traveling through restaurants in Bryan and College Station, providing scholarship opportunities for students in Aggieland.

“We’ve given away a lot of scholarships already,” says Tamar Elkeles, Author, of The Best of Aggieland. “We’ve raised over $60,000 and we’re trying to do that again this year, really trying to focus on new restaurants. This book features almost 15 new restaurants and I don’t think people really understand the growth in this community in Bryan and College Station is unbelievable.

Elkeles found a way to feature restaurants in town while helping fund student tuition.

“Scholarships enable students to have opportunity. They haven’t necessarily always had that opportunity and do what we’re trying to do is provide opportunity and also to help the small businesses. For me, it’s two things, we’re helping these restaurants, these bars, and these bartenders, and these chefs, and these owners, and we’re also helping students.”

Chef Tai Lee is an Aggie, and his mission is to give back to his alma mater.

“Being an Aggie, I’m class of ’02 and giving back to the community, giving back to Texas A&M, has always been part of our whole thing,” says Chef Tai Lee, Kanji Sushi. “Aggies always help other Aggies.”

Owner of Marfa, Sydney Welsh says her kids are enrolled at A&M and it’s the spirit of the community that makes her proud to be here.

“Being born and raised in Texas is pretty much what an Aggie is,” said Welsh. “When you look at the Aggies that come into the community, the ones that really and truly eat, drink, breathe A&M are from these small little communities and generations of Aggies. I think it rubs off pretty quickly on you. It’s a neat community to be in.”

Owner of a new French restaurant in town, Tom Kenney looks forward to supporting Aggies and their education.

“We know college is expensive and if we can help mitigate some of that cost and give kids the opportunity to go to college that couldn’t go to college, we’re all 100 percent behind it, and we also get potential workers out of that too,” says Tom Kenney, Owner, Le Petit Cochon.

Elkeles says this cookbook serves as an opportunity for students to accomplish their dreams.

“What you’re doing is you’re changing people’s lives,” says Elkeles. “You’re enabling them to do something they could not do which is maybe go to graduate school, or maybe complete their degree, or maybe have the opportunity to fly home for a holiday. We really are making a difference for every one of those students.”

You can learn more about The Best of Aggieland cookbook here.

Some chefs in Bryan and College Station are coming together Monday, December 12 for an Exclusive Chef’s Experience. Proceeds will help fund more scholarships for Aggies.

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