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Texas student-athletes brace the heat, train in record-high temperatures

Posted at 12:07 PM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-13 13:11:21-04

BRYAN, Texas — All athletes can experience heat exhaustion, especially while exerting energy in these high temps.

Unfortunately, this reality also includes local Bryan student-athletes.

Some of which, have said, that they too have also experienced the harsh symptoms of heat exhaustion.

”Before I used to not drink a lot of water, and I would be cramping up bad like before a game, or after a game, or on the road back home..." Terrance Lewis, a sophomore Bryan High student-athlete said.

"It was horrible, but now that I know I have to drink water a lot, it’s really helped me a lot,”

Josh Woodall is an athletic trainer for Bryan high and he says that heat exhaustion is preventable if monitored closely.

”It's something that we see in these extreme temperatures and everything that we have going on in the outdoor sports right now," Woodall said.

"It's definitely something that we watch out for regularly."

Not only does Woodall monitor the health of students - but he also tracks the weather conditions, ensuring all the kids are safe to train.

”A wet bulb globe temperature, if that gets too high.... then that’s when we want to limit or stop outdoor activities until it gets cooler,” Woodall said.

Providing students with the knowledge to take care of themselves, Woodall said his top priority will always be to keep his students safe.

”We educate kids on proper nutrition and the proper amount of hydration needed afterward, after the game,” Woodall said.

“I've learned, one thing you absolutely have to do is take a water break, like every chance you get, or you’re going to catch a cramp, or you’re going to pass out,” Malcolm Goodon, a senior Bryan High student-athlete said.

Woodwall says heat exhaustion could lead to other injuries, some even life-long, so taking the time to monitor symptoms is simply a vital step in looking after one’s health.