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Texas roads see increased danger following daylight savings, study shows

Posted at 8:33 PM, Nov 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-08 20:10:20-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — The fall season means the falling back of an hour due to the end of daylight savings.

However, statistics show this can cause an increase of dangers on the road.

As we set our clocks back, there are many things in a daily routine that will be impacted by the new time change.

”As pedestrians and bicyclists the best thing you can do on a preventative method is to either wear your reflective clothing and or put reflective devices on your cycles, to make sure as everyone makes these adjustments into daylight savings time that they see you,” said Mary Jo Prince, Reality Education Driving Program manager.

As for drivers, here's a reminder from College Station police on the preventative steps you can take.

”It’s going to get darker when it’s a rush-hour type period, between five and six." said CSPD Patrol Sgt. Matthew Alaniz. "So, definitely need folks to utilize their headlights, definitely need folks to be mindful of the road, giving them a little bit of extra time,”

According to data found in a study on sleep medicine, the day following the change in daylight savings time typically sees an increase in fatal car accidents.

“It has been proven that driving drowsy can have the same effects as driving impaired,” shared Prince.

Healthline says Texans have an eight percent chance increase of being involved in a fatal accident following daylight savings.

“Today is a very historical day across the State of Texas, because not since November seventh of the year 2000 has the state of Texas had a deathless day on our roadways,” added Prince.

In turn, the College Station Police Department is asking drivers to be more mindful on the roads.

“It’s going to be more incumbent on us to really pay attention to more of the roads, pay attention to getting ourselves space to brake and you know really utilize those headlights and turn signals,” said Alaniz.

College Station PD also recommends drivers be mindful of school zones as students cross the street.

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