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Texas freeze impacts road conditions

Posted at 7:58 PM, Feb 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 20:58:52-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — In The Brazos Valley, the consistent light rain caused concerns as the temperatures dropped into the evening hours for drivers.

Throughout the day the roads remained wet due to consistent light rainfall, transitioning to a light flurry as we moved through the day. TxDOT worked around the clock to ensure safety on our highways.

”Our crews have been out since Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. pre-treating all our bridges and all our overpasses and trouble spot areas,” said Bob Colwell, Texas Department of Transportation's public information officer.

TxDOT shared only three main locations in the Brazos valley experienced more extreme icy conditions. Those in Robertson, Milam, and Freestone.

“But we do anticipate that the temperature is going to continue to drop throughout the day and if the rain that we have gotten overnight and most of the morning will turn into some form of ice,” added Colwell.

As the day went by conditions became more severe, local law enforcement and TxDOT encourage residents to stay off the roads.

“We ask that if you are on the roadway and you have to be on the roadway and if you see us please give us plenty of room to do our work” shared Colwell.

During last year's winter storm College Station police said about 9 crashes per day were reported.

The day began with slim to none across the Brazos Valley, but as we dipped into those evening hours that number began to climb.

”Really knock-on-wood in Bryan at least we haven't seen any accidents today," said Kole Taylor, Bryan Police public information officer. "I'm sure it’ll happen at some point it’s inevitable it happens on sunny days as well."

Officer Taylor attributes the lack of crashes to the lessons learned from last year's Texas freeze.

“The community has been a little more prepared as far as having supplies at home, knowing their limitations in driving,” added Taylor.

The night capped with College Station reporting a total of four crashes with only one relating to weather. This was about the time when the overpasses started to ice up. Bryan PD's last update reported three accidents related to weather conditions.

Roadways are now thawing but if you're looking to be extra cautious TxDot recommends drivers on the highway to decrease their speed by 20 miles per hour.