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Texas A&M ranked number one 'Best Public College' and state's 'Best Value College'

Posted at 3:44 PM, May 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 16:44:57-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — As we roll into the Summer, Aggies have another bragging right about Texas A&M University before even stepping back on campus.

Money’s ‘Best Colleges Ranking’ for 2022 is in ... and Texas A&M is at the top of that list.

Out of 671 other schools in the nation, Texas A&M ranked ‘Number 1 Public College in Texas’ and State’s ‘Best Value College’.

A soon-to-be Aggie says not only he but his parents, are looking forward to the cost of the next 4 years in Aggieland.

“The biggest reason we chose A&M over basically out-of-state schools like UT or RICE is it would still be less expensive,” said Zach Moser an incoming Aggie.

But not every new aggie can agree with the affordability ranking.

“I don’t know about the affordability thing, but it just makes it even better honestly," said the incoming Aggie. “It’s just good knowing once you leave you won’t have to scrounge around looking for a job feeling good you have a chance of getting something when you are out of there.”

From the newest of the Aggie family to the ones who have been a part of the tradition for years, Aggie alum Bill Moore says the number 1 ranking couldn’t be more accurate.

Especially, when it comes to the quality of education.

“I have been out of A&M for about 35 years now," said the Aggie Alum “In my view, this being a state school and the quality of the faculty here and quality of facilities is amazing. It’s a pretty amazing institution fueled by amazing people who care about others.”

Moore said it’s the people - not money is what makes Texas A&M the place it is.

The criteria used by Money.com included a number of students, reliable data, graduation rate and each of the 671 schools could not be in financial distress.

Jaunelle Pratt-Williams, a researcher for NORC Chicago spoke about the survey the institution conducted that helped clarify Money.com’s ranking.

“Our survey [by NORC Chicago] shows that when we are looking at the trend in terms of college, the trend it is trending down.” Said Researcher - Secondary Education for NORC at the University of Chicago.

Pratt-Williams says the best way to combat the full 4 years cost of attending a university is to start dual credit programs which are now offered in many high schools.

“In our survey, we found majority of Americans really support dual enrollment which means, students are earning college credits while in high school," said Pratt-Williams. “If we are looking at ways to combat the cost issue in policies we think all Americans can get behind is dual enrollment policymakers should be thinking about.”