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Texas A&M launches 'Code Maroon' mobile app

Posted at 5:47 PM, Feb 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-01 19:56:26-05

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Code Maroon has provided campus alerts, and emergency notifications, to the Texas A&M community for over a decade. In an effort to expand their emergency services, Texas A&M Emergency Notification System launched their very own App for anyone to use, anywhere, in the country.

The Code Maroon App, which is free to download on any smart device, comes with a number of new safety tools for the Aggie community. 'Friend Walk', allows you to send your location to a friend, or family member, so they can follow your progress until you reach your destination, anywhere, in the country.

The Mobile Blue Light feature also works, anywhere, and contacts the nearest 9-1-1 dispatch in your area. Emergency Procedures allows you to quickly access information on how to respond to threats from active shooters, bomb threats, suspicious packages, and more. The Safety Toolbox, lets friends and family know you are safe during an emergency, share your location via email, or use your phone as a flashlight. The Map library allows you to always have campus, transit, and parking maps at your fingertips.

“We just wanted to provide them that tool in case there was something like, if you are ever in a situation you could be walking to your car from class late at night you can use it. You can be at the mall, and you’re walking out to your car and you don't feel safe. So, the whole idea is this works anywhere for any type of situation,” says Bobby Bernshausen, Communications Coordinator for Texas A&M’s Division of IT.

Texas A&M Freshman, Ashlyn Mashburn, says, the new mobile blue light feature is encouraging to now have with her anywhere she goes.

“Definitely the blue lights, that’s been actually pretty helpful for me in the past,” says Mashburn.

The Code Maroon App also allows family and friends, to stay connected, no matter where you are.
Peyton Faulk says, knowing anyone can use the app is also encouraging especially with all of its new features.

“I think, it’s really helpful because it keeps them [my family] like the peace of mind like knowing that I am safe.
I like them having an option to be using it as well,” says Faulk.

Code Maroon doesn’t just provide emergency tools, but also campus information for visitors.

Chris Meyer, the Associate Vice President of the Office of Safety and Security, hopes to expand its use outside of those on campus.

“You don’t have to be student, faculty, or staff, if you come to our campus as a former student, or as a fan, you’re welcome to download this app. You will have very quick response to Code Maroon messages coming to your phone, and you can use all these other features as well,” says Meyers.

The University hopes, Aggies, all over the country will feel an extra sense of security knowing help is always just one touch of a button away, thanks, to the new Code Maroon App.

“It’s a great thing you can use, and you can do no matter where you are. You don’t have to be on Campus, you don’t have to even be in the Bryan-College Station area, it’s a tool you can use where ever you are,” says Meyer.