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Texas A&M College of Nursing launching the first nurse family partnership program

Posted at 9:02 AM, Nov 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-24 11:07:21-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — Texas A&M College of Nursing received $3 million in grants that support the launch of a new initiative giving first-time moms at-home care.

For first-time mom Lucila Benitez she’s nervous about this new chapter in life.

“As a college student living in a college town without my family it’s kind of nerve-racking and scary,” said Lucila Benitez.

The nurse family partnership program is offering cost-free medical, physical, and mental support through the challenges these new moms will face.

Mainly seeking to serve low-income first-time moms.

"These are vulnerable women who often don’t know how to navigate resources in the community, how to get help when they need it,” said Robin Page, assistant professor and faculty at Texas A&M College of Nursing.

These registered nurses are caring for at least 25 first-time moms in Brazos County making regularly scheduled appointments to meet them in the comfort of their own homes.

”As a nurse a lot of time you don’t have time with your patients," said Rachel Doss, registered nurse home visitor. "So a beautiful part of this program is we get to build these special relationships with the mothers and their children,”

This bond and support system is what Benitez is mostly looking forward to.

”Most importantly I'll have someone to talk to and I'll be like any single question regarding my health the baby or any connections. I’m more scared of once the baby is here and I won’t be able to relate to my friends,” added Benitez.

These nurses are providing support until the child reaches 2 years old.

”Getting to be a consistent part of their life so they can develop a relationship, so they really trust us to point them to the right health care providers or community resources it’s just a great way to build that bond,” shared Megan Wheeler, registered nurse home visitor.

This is the first nurse family partnership program in Brazos county.

As the program continues to expand A&M nursing students will receive the opportunity to shadow these registered nurses. Students can get hands-on experience while completing clinical hours.

Interested in becoming a member learn more.