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TEEX lineman academy graduates on the front lines of the arctic push

Posted at 8:07 PM, Feb 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 21:07:29-05

BRAZOS VALLEY — Lineman workers have been working around the clock to restore power for customers. These front-line workers endure these conditions to help others. Some lineman across the state gained their skills right here in The Brazos Valley.

Brandon Guillen trained with the TEEX lineman academy during the deep freeze. Now he’s putting those skills to the test during this year's artic push.

”We got called out at midnight you know we got that late-night phone call they always talked about inline school and truly there it was,” said Brandon Guillen, a ground hand operator for Oncor and TEEX lineman Academy graduate.

Guillen is serving the Dallas area where Oncor employees are working to restore power for customers quickly.

”To see that ... I've taught these guys they’re out there doing what I showed them and what our other instructors at TEEX have shown them in the class while they’re here,” said Kevin Moore, Instructor for the utility department at TEEX.

The 15-week academy prepares these linemen with a real-world approach to what they’ll encounter … while on the job.

”Knowing the dynamics of the crew," added Guillen. "Trying to anticipate what your crew needs out of you is something I gained this time last year in the academy,”

Guillen says working on the front lines he sees the need for more linemen in the industry.

“If you’re young, you’re strong, you’re fit, you’re ready to come out and do something that is not only exciting but good for the community and good for others come out and do line work,” shared Guillen.

These front-line workers are motivated to endure these extreme conditions to help others.

“Great career to get out and help others, it’s a great career to get out and make money," said Moore. "A lot of lineman workers are out there right now making a lot of money working this storm,”

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics shares the on-the-job training that is required to become a lineman, who can make an average of $75,000 a year. The next TEEX lineman academy will begin this summer.