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TEEX law enforcement trains community on self-defense & awareness

Posted at 1:01 PM, Jul 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 18:10:36-04

BRYAN, Texas — Remain AWARE: 'assess your surroundings while remaining aware and being realistic about your environment

Texas A&M Engineering Extension law enforcement at RELLIS is inviting people across the state to learn how to train others in self-defense. Those taking the course learn self-defense skills that are utilized in situations where they're targeted or attacked.

After two days of RELLIS training, these community members will be able to take the skills they gained and teach them to their local communities in a five or six-hour course.

”Just to be comfortable you know I think every woman should be able to take care of themselves,” said Robyin Pucci, aware student trainer in training.

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Law Enforcement at Rellis is training future self-defense trainers for their AWARE program in the hopes of creating safer communities.

Robyin Pucci believes there are no age limits to wanting to protect yourself. This is why she is happy to become a trainer and take the knowledge she gains back to her community.

”I’ve always been interested in women's self-defense and with this program we can take it back to our church members and teach some of our older women, senior women, and our younger women,” shared Pucci.

The aware course teaches students how to assess surroundings and make realistic environmental choices.

”Being aware of their surroundings and like their capabilities and what they are capable of doing,” said Mark Clarite, defensive Tactics coordinator at TEEX.

The physicality of the course covers blocking, striking, and weapon disarming techniques.

”If it happens to come your way, like how do I handle that you know avoid it deny access to me or am I going to defend myself, I've got options now,” added Pucci.

The two day train the trainer course will then allow these certified trainers to replicate these teachings in a nearly 6-hour course.

”The most important part for the trainers to train the students is keep it simple. Whether it’s the technique or whether it’s the actual teaching, try to keep it simple,” shared Clarite.

Pucci hopes to provide other women in her community with the chance to take ownership of their safety.

”Our goal is just to help our women to walk with confidence and so that’s my goal and why we were able to come down here and we’re so blessed to do that and the training's excellent it’s been really good,” explained Pucci.

You can also sign up for an aware training class here.