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Surge in positive COVID-19 cases forcing school closures

Posted at 11:31 AM, Sep 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-14 12:31:37-04

ROBERTSON COUNTY, Texas — A surge in COVID-19 cases is taking place in Brazos County, now the holiday weekend is adding to these new cases forcing schools in the Brazos Valley to close.

Franklin ISD has a return to school plan.

"Where we draw concerns about closure at 5%," said Bret Lowry, Franklin ISD Superintendent. "We had reached about 5% right after Labor Day and as we moved through the week it was still climbing.”

The school district released a letter to parents as well as posted the notice to their Facebook announcing Roland Reynolds elementary school is closing its doors for a little over a week. The elementary school made this difficult decision in an abundance of caution due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

”It’s just the world that we live in right now we have to watch out for our kid's safety is our number one concern and we know that that’s always a possibility,” said Megan Moran, an elementary school teacher and parent.

The elementary school quickly turned their instruction back to a remote learning program for the time being.

“I’m just glad we’re able to get things rolling so our kids don’t miss out on any learning,” said Ware.

Superintendent Bret Lowry says the need for this platform goes beyond COVID, it’s useful during natural disasters as well.

“When this thing started in 2020 we made a commitment to building a remote learning platform,” Lowry added.

Closing an entire campus is a first for the school district.

“I mean our numbers got up there, last year it was more of the secondary level than the elementary level but this year it’s kind of the opposite. The elementary has been affected more by it,” Lowry shared.

Students will return to school on Monday, Sept. 20.

All extra-curricular activities will pause while the elementary school is closed.