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Minor damage reported after severe weather hits Downtown Bryan

Posted at 11:31 PM, May 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 11:56:31-04

BRYAN, Texas — While no major damage was reported, Bryan residents said this weekend's weather still left its own impression.

Cloudy skies and cool temps were in the heart of Bryan Saturday afternoon, but according to a visitor in the area — the scenic scene was very different just a few hours ago.

“The winds were pretty crazy around 12 or 1 [in the morning],” said Danielle Rossa, a tourist from Los Angeles who stayed at The La Salle hotel.

“There was very loud thunder, really bright lightning and the wind was just insane – all the hanging lights were just going all over the place.”

One local restaurant worker said the streets also saw some damage.

“I didn’t see much damage coming through Downtown Bryan,” said Dara McLoughlin.

“Until I pulled onto the street and thankfully when [The Tree], it fell but it didn’t fall on anyone’s cars.”

In the end, though, Rossa said this made her Texas trip a bit more interesting.

“Honestly, I’m from LA,"

"I kind of loved it and it was exciting because in LA it is like 70 degrees all the time…it’s a very pleasant day you wouldn’t think anything happened last night.”

Mcloughlin said she can see the aftermath of unpredictable Texas weather every day from her restaurant.

“You never know with storms because it’s just always a surprise,

"It's not what you expect to see when you come to work, but I’m sure the city will take care of it.”

Brazos County Emergency Management said no injuries or major damage were reported.