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Staying weather alert in the Brazos Valley, Friday night storms

Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 04, 2022

BRYAN, Texas — We’re expecting some severe thunderstorms in Brazos County this evening. Here’s some tips to keep you safe and alert before the storms.

Bryan Texas Utilities held a storm call meeting this morning to ensure additional staff was on call before tonight’s expected storms.

“Our transmission and distribution departments will have additional folks and staff come in and on standby so that in case outages starts occurring, which is pretty likely when we have thunderstorms and high winds being predicted like we do tonight,” said Public Information Officer Meagan Brown.

Vendors like tree trimming services play a major role in preparation for storms, such as trimming brittle tree branches and clearing roadways.

“We also work with our some of vendors and contractors,” said Brown. “We have tree trimming crews and their services are usually really essential during times of high winds because branches and trees topple over and kind of interfere with lines.”

Brown said most people in the community will have smart meters or AMI meters that automatically detect power outages in their area and dispatch crew to resolve the issue.

She also recommends removing any loose items that could blow around during high winds.

“Try to tie down things in your yards, especially like trampolines or lawn furniture,” said Brown. “With the last thunderstorm we had, we saw a few trampolines in power lines. Those are things we don’t think about until they go flying across the yard so just try to do those things in advance.”

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