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Spiders may die, but Arachnophobia lives on for one local woman

"I'm not mad at all spiders, but I prefer to not let them in my house,"
Posted at 6:51 PM, Mar 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-29 19:55:57-04

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX — Most people can't stand spiders, but for one local woman, seeing them ignites true trauma.

"It's a daily reminder that even tiny things can make a big impact," Keli Anglin, of College Station said.

Anglin got a scar on her forehead nearly 10 years ago, after a brown recluse bit her in her sleep.

"It was very painful. Swelled my whole face, whole head swelled up. My eyes were shut, and it lasted for a while," Anglin said.

The poisonous spider's venom breaks down skin, fat, and blood vessels, killing the tissue. On top of the scar, Anglin lost hair which changed her hairline and still has nerve damage.

So, when she saw a wolf spider in her house by her dog's food bowls, it brought back her anxiety.

"I'm not mad at all spiders, but I prefer to not let them in my house," Anglin said.

Since Anglin's encounter with the brown recluse, she's made more effort to learn about different spiders. When she didn't recognize the wolf spider, her fear led her to kill it.

"Technically, they're not going to hurt you but still, they don't look really nice, and the way that they move and act is not-- it feels threatening," Lance White, owner, Backyard Comfort and Pest Control said.

The owner of Backyard Comfort and Pest Control says, she did the right thing. Wolf spiders don't typically come inside but Anglin believes the spider got in through this opening on her door.

In general, White says creepy crawlers tend to come out more this time of year.

"The reason they're popping out in springtime, is other insects are popping out and coming out. They're out hunting, looking for mates and they're more successful at that when it's warm," White said.

Brown recluses and Black widows are the only two poisonous spiders in Texas. Both of these poisonous spiders tend to stay more hidden and like dark places.