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Shopping small creates big impact as the holidays near

Posted at 4:31 PM, Nov 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-23 09:54:25-05

BRYAN, TEXAS — With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many grocers and markets are gearing up for the busy season. While some are seeing an increase in business, others are still struggling.

The Farm Patch has been in the Scarmardo family for over 40 years. A one-stop shop for all things produce, the owners says the shop is busy and may even be busier than before.

"People still want to celebrate. They've been cooped up in their house. They still want to have a Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have been extremely busy," Mark Scarmardo, owner of The Farm Patch, said.

As the locally-owned produce shop takes the turn towards another holiday season, they know business is good and not everyone can say the same.

"We are very blessed... very blessed. We've got our health. Business wise, there are some people who are not as fortunate. We are blessed, and we just pray and want to help the people who are not as fortunate as we are," Scarmardo said.

Food is a staple in upcoming holiday plans. The Farm Patch is thankful to be a part of those holiday meals.

"Pecans and pies.. the second collard and mustard greens. It's now pecan season, so we have five different varieties of pecans. So everyone is coming to get pecans and freshly made pecan pies," said Jacob Malazzo, a stocker at The Farm Patch.

A loyal customer Inshuya Muthukumar says The Farm Patch is her go-to market. She says it's challenging finding fresh food to make international meals, so she visits the local grocer weekly for her fix.

"As a community... we have still stuck through it. Going through all of this with the help of a lot of small shops, we have kept them alive. I think that is something to be really grateful about," said Muthukumar.

Choosing where to spend your dollars matter as Brazos Valley businesses stock their shelves for the holiday season.

"The community that has been providing us even in all of this time, it has been really helpful and helping in a lot of ways. I think that's what we have to be thankful for this year... especially," Muthukumar added.