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Safety concerns regarding bumper sticker and car decals

Posted at 6:56 PM, Apr 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 19:56:26-04

BRAZOS VALLEY, TX — For some car decals are just a fun way to express yourself for others it’s a safety hazard.

Displaying who you are and what you love on your car is like having your own personal billboard on wheels.

Many people take pride in the things that represent who they are and don’t think twice before plastering decals on their car to show it off.

Then there are people like Kaylah, who’s thought deeply about this topic and doesn’t like that idea of putting bits and pieces of herself out there for others to see.

“Personal information gets put out there you have where people work, where people go to church where people, how many family members they have," said Kaylah Benedetto, resident against car-decals. "It’s just too much personal information about someone's life,”

She also acknowledges with our world today revolving around social media and the internet these little pieces of information can add up to a much bigger picture.

“People can just go on google they can just look it up. They can go on your Facebook. They can find out through your Facebook and then next thing you know you have someone on your Facebook who can find your family and friends and it’s just a rabbit hole that just gets worse and worse,” Benedetto added.

Kaylah and her friends were just entertaining the topic of conversation regarding baby on board decals before I asked them their thoughts. This was very much a coincidence, but Kaylah reiterated her concerns with safety.

“I didn’t think it was the greatest idea because then people can figure out that I have expensive stuff in my vehicle, I have a child with me that makes me vulnerable. I don’t think it’s safe,” Benedetto shared.

Meanwhile on the other hand, Leslie just recently gave birth to her son and she shared that she’ll be adding a baby on board decal very soon because she believed in cases of an emergency it can come in handy.

“Having for example like the baby on board sticker would be beneficial. If for any reason there’s an accident or first responders need to come. That’s something that they would be able to see and would be able to help,” said Leslie Villanueva, a resident for car decals.

Leslie also feels that she is a very observant person and likes to spot unique things about vehicles in case that can assist local law enforcement when needed.

“I think it could be beneficial with me personally I take a look at details once I’m at a stoplight or if I’m at a stop sign I do take a look at different vehicles,” said Villanueva.

College Station police department has an ongoing message reminding residents to lock their cars and not to leave guns inside unattended. Sometimes certain stickers can draw the attention of a criminal leading to smash and grab burglaries.

There are pros and cons to this situation, so the best thing to do is be conscious of what you decide to showcase about yourself on your car.