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RELLIS Campus to keep the research going, even if it may be snowing

Rellis Campus Snowing
Posted at 5:03 PM, Feb 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-13 09:50:45-05

BRYAN, TEXAS — The good news, A&M research facilities have hit the 1-billion-mark. The bad news, an Arctic blast is also on its way to Aggieland.

Sparking the question. How will this research continue?

Generating discoveries that help shape our world with cutting edge research, right here in Bryan-College Station, is the Texas A&M University System's RELLIS Campus.

The operations team at RELLIS spoke with 25 News KRHD on how they prepare for a weather threat.

"I coordinate the operations that take place here on Rellis campus. Predominately, everything on the other side of our fence-line, coordinating the activities of all the different organizations that do all of the research and testing," Brad Hall, Associate Director of Operations at RELLIS Campus said.

Coordinating operations, Hall says there are many different areas RELLIS takes pride in, including education, workforce development, research, and training. So when a winter weather threat like ours arrives, they have a plan ready.

"Any destructive weather, not just now, but anytime we know ahead of time that there's going to be destructive weather, we let everyone know to take precautions, even if it's clean your area up. So if there are high winds, in this case, cold temperatures too, or even hail, high winds, and heavy rain.... we may lose normal power because we do have some above-ground areas" Hall first explained.

However, Hall says, in any case, back-up power is readily available for RELLIS.

"We do have backup power here on the campus. We have generators, and some of our facilities have their own backup power as well. So as far as losing those power, and those critical infrastructure type utilities, we are prepared at RELLIS campus for those occasions." Hall added.

As part of their back-up power plan, if they do lose power, generators are ready to take over the needed power requirements for the campus.

Conducting fundamental research every day, the RELLIS campus is ready to keep the torch of innovation lit... and the lights on, come rain or shine in Brazos Valley.