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Race for the City of Bryan Mayoral seat begins

Posted at 8:57 PM, Jul 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-12 12:06:40-04

BRYAN, Texas — As Mayor Andrew nelson wraps up his six-year tenure for the city of Bryan he breaks down what the new mayor should bring to the table.

Mayor Nelson played a part in many projects he said pushed the City of Bryan forward and he is looking forward to continuing contributing to the growth of Bryan in other ways.

”In some other capacity besides serving as mayor and I'll be happy to not be the voice of the city but still be someone whose voice contributes to moving our city forward,” said Nelson.

Mayor Nelson said he happily endorses Bobby Gutierrez as mayor to continue the momentum of growth they created.

”You got to get things done, you can’t do it by yourself, you have to engage people you have to listen to citizens you know all those things are things that I'm proud of that we’ve been able to do, and I think with his continued leadership things are just going to get better,” said Nelson.

While announcing his mayoral candidacy, Gutierrez explained one of his many focuses.

”We need to find businesses; we need to find expansion that will keep the talent here for young professionals for the people that we have here. We want to have a great workforce,” said Bobby Gutierrez mayoral candidate.

Brent Hairston also served on the city council and believes he has what it takes to serve the city as mayor.

”I think as a mayor you have a unique opportunity to set the direction, set the vision that you have going forward, I believe I have some experience in that,” said Brent Hairston, mayoral candidate.

Mike Southerland is also in the running for the mayoral seat.

Bryan resident Chuck Konderla said the next mayor elected should exemplify qualities of previous mayors.

”People working together is how we’ve seen these last two mayors succeed in the way they have. And Mayor Conolly before that when I look now at the next mayor ought to be I think it’s someone that has that established history of working with both Bryan and college station,” said Konderla.