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Petition to expand national 'Shop Local Week' positively received by Bryan businesses

Posted at 8:08 PM, May 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-01 18:40:22-04

BRYAN, Texas — As we wrap up the month of May, Business.org is also ending its petition to bring the national Small Business Week to a month-long event.

But how do local businesses feel they can benefit from a push like this?

Business.org claims small businesses week just isn’t enough, so this month they petitioned the small business association to nationally push it all month long.

And local businesses aren’t mad about it.

”A little reminder that we’re out there and I think it encourages customers to come in and shop local,” said Chrissy Sayers, manager of Bird's Nest Gifts and Antiques.

Manager of Bird's Nest Gifts and Antiques Chrissy Sayers said although she appreciates the push to increase foot traffic. She reminds locals there are more ways to support small businesses.

“You know there are several ways to help small businesses it’s not just coming in and spending money, you know it’s sharing a post, it’s writing a good review,” said Sayers.

During the pandemic, many small businesses faced unique challenges.

”We’ve had huge labor shortages, you know it’s just like anything, small businesses seemed to be kicked all the time but you know what they always come back,” said Jim Pillans, director of the Brazos Valley Small Businesses Development Center BCS.

But Sayers said utilizing the power of social media helped pull through those rough patches.

”Post pandemic looking back, I actually did that today going over our numbers every month. We pulled through and the only reason we pulled though was because of our locals," said Sayers.

And petitions to remind residents to shop local can make all the difference.

”That means a lot for a small business,” said Sayers.

If you’d like to sign the petition for Small BusinessMonth click here.