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Petition created for stricter rules at Caldwell lSD

This is after 4 volleyball players are facing felony charges for indecency with a child
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WACO, TX — A petition calling out Caldwell ISD is gaining traction calling on reform and justice.

This is after four Caldwell High School volleyball players are facing felony charges for indecency with a child. According to court documents, the four forcefully stripped their 14-year-old teammate in the back on the school bus after a game.

In the small town of Caldwell things don't change all too often and wheels turn slow, according to Caldwell High School alumnus Diana Graff.

"On top of nothing is changing, things are just getting worse," Graff said.

She's talking about the way Caldwell ISD handles situations of bullying, hazing and harassment. She said these situations are normally swept under the rug by administration.

"I had dealt with so much growing up and a lot of it spoke the same," Graff said. "Unfortunately it was a lot worse. So the things that are happening, the amount of things people are getting away with now are so much worse than what I dealt with in that time frame since I graduated, nothing has changed."

Graff started a petition for a change in policy, how the school determines a punishment for offenses.

"Get the school codes to be very firm of what they will not allow," Graff said.

With over 2,000 signatures and still growing, people across the country are signing in support, including one mother who said this hits close to home.

"I signed the petition because my daughter has been a victim of small town politics," Barbra Malmstrom said. "Regardless of who you are or the laws in place, the punishment given out are based on last name."

According to the State Eduation Code 15.27: If an infraction occurs — such as a felony charge — the student must be sent to a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP). We reached out to the district see if the four were sent, but they did not get back to us.

"There should be firm consequences, there shouldn't be a gray zone," Graff said.