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Pay attention to travel restrictions

Posted at 5:28 PM, Dec 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-04 20:31:05-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX — We will soon have another wave of holiday travel.

If you are traveling, Texas isn't the only state travel restrictions you should pay attention to.

"Christmas is not canceled. It's just going to look different this year," Mary Parrish, administrative assistant for emergency preparedness at Brazos County Health District said.

The Brazos County Health District highly recommends a stay at home, or virtual holiday, if loved ones are out of state. And some are heeding the advice.

"You go the whole year, you might see them, three or four times. You might not see them at all. What's one more day going to matter you know? and I just feel like it isn't worth it," Tommy Jones, of Bryan said.

Tommy Jones says he's putting safety first.

"I know it's a bad thing. You won't be able to see your family or whatever but I think the sacrifice is worth it," Jones said.

But if you are still itching to travel there are ways to do it safely.

"You need to start isolating now, before going out. Avoid going out as much as possible. This limits your potential for exposure. You don't want to bring the disease across state line with you or vice versa," Parrish said.

Texas is one of nearly two dozen states that don't have a travel restriction in place, but New Mexico, a bordering state, does so you have to pay close attention.

"If you are traveling to another state, it's very important that you visit their state health services website and see what their restrictions are," Parrish said.