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Patrick Warren Jr. reflects on his father following untimely death

Posted at 12:22 PM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 14:31:56-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX — The world got a small glimpse of Patrick Warren Senior after he was fatally shot by an officer during a mental health call two weeks ago. But his son says, he was so much more as a person.

Patrick Warren Sr. was his son's favorite barber.

"For the longest, I wouldn't let anyone else cut my hair, but my dad would do it," Patrick Warren Jr. said.

Those haircuts gave them quality father-son bonding time, and that wasn't his father's only specialty.

"You haven't had BBQ, until you've had my dad's BBQ. My dad was into old school cars. Anything American made, that was his thing," Warren Jr. said.

Warren Jr. knew his dad as the, 'ask dad', because he was always willing to lend a helping hand.

"When you need something, you ask him. My dad was, 'Hey, something is going on with the car. Hey, I have this going on. Hey dad, I have a game, can you take me? Hey, you know how to work on this? You know how to work on that? I need a desk, can you build it for me? If my dad was hungry. He cooked," Warren Jr. said.

The Warren family is originally from Bryan, but moved to Killeen two years ago. The father of three encouraged his kids to chase their dreams.

"He knew that I was trying to do music, he bought me a keyboard. My baby brother was a football player. Up early in the morning taking him to practices. I have a little brother with down syndrome. He's at school dances functions, being supportive." Warren Jr. added.

Warren Jr. saw the love between his parents. The couple didn't take many pictures, but were fortunate enough to capture one back in October for their anniversary, which was also Warren Sr.'s birthday.

They didn't have the chance to capture more, but the family is determined to keep his memory alive.