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Over 40 homes and businesses impacted by Madisonville tornado

Posted at 6:42 PM, Mar 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-22 19:42:14-04

MADISONVILLE, Texas — A total of 41 structures were damaged when a tornado struck Madisonville Monday evening.

Thankfully, first responders report no injuries or deaths have been found as a result of the tornado, which struck mostly the western side of town in the 9 p.m. hour. Still, damages to businesses and homes range from mild roof issues to total destruction.

“A lot of rumbling was going on and we heard a big, loud noise - and I jumped up," recalled Odessa Walker a homeowner in Madisonville. "I looked out the window and I heard [my husband] say, 'what’s that?' A tree was in the road!”

The Walker family was unharmed as the tornado passed along Texas 21, touching their one-story house and property. They’ve suffered some roof and fence damage and lost several large, old trees. The Walkers' small grandson was very frightened during the storm.

“I’m relieved that none of the trees hit the house, so I’m okay with that," Odessa said.

The Madisonville Volunteer Fire Department worked diligently into the early morning hours, cutting away debris from doorways where residents were stuck inside, and responding to wrecks caused by the storm.

"We had a motor vehicle accident right about the same time with entrapment, so the guys actually had to cut through trees to be able to get the apparatus to get outside of town and get to the car wreck," said fire chief Thom Jones.

Despite the lack of injury, a number of the affected structures were severely impacted, some with people inside.

“We had one that was really damaged that had about six or seven people living in it," Jones said. "They all came out pretty well, but the house was damaged... They were hiding in the interior part of the house.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Madisonville community was still waiting for internet, phone services, and power to be restored to certain portions of town.

A nursing home was evacuated, its patients relocated to nursing homes throughout the Brazos Valley. Organizations such as the American Red Cross and the United Way of the Brazos Valley have reached out to assist those in need in Madisonville, according to Jones.