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One local election heads to runoffs

Posted at 7:42 PM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 23:43:16-04

COLLEGE STATION — Brazos County elections ended yesterday but there’s just one race that’s still left undetermined.

As the results came in and ballots were counted, the night ended with no clear winner for place six in the College Station City Council. Now it’s a race for the finish line.

"I’m excited to be going into the run-off to be within 400 or so votes of an incumbent that has a long track record in an off-year, so now it comes to the push it’s like running a whole six-month campaign in 30 days,” said David Levine, College Station City Place 6 candidate.

We reached out to incumbent Dennis Maloney for comment, he denied an interview, "he expressed there’s no more to say."

But when we spoke to him less than two weeks ago regarding the controversial comments he made at a public forum he had much more to say.

"I’m the old White guy okay so, therefore, I must be a racist that’s the storyline and it’s sickening I've been in this community for 50 years. No one has ever accused me of being a racist,” said Maloney.

Levine believes some voters may have switched their votes due to the controversy.

"I’m sure that polarized some voters and they wanted to have their voices heard and I know there was some turn out to the last council meeting,” said Levine.

Meanwhile, the dates, times, and locations are finalized. Levine looks to help keep community morale high leading up to runoff elections.

“Our messaging is consistent same messaging we’ve had since July which is, voter turnout, voter turnout, voter turnout,” said Levine.

While he’s pleased with the numbers, Levine believes they can be better.

“To see six thousand people turn out to hear that we had 30- and 45-minute lines at certain polling locations yesterday," said Levine. "That’s fantastic, people wanted their voice heard and my hope is that’s the lowest voter turnout we ever see moving forward."

The city council will determine a date for the runoff election during its next meeting on Thursday, Nov. 11.