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Nursing homes staying positive as COVID-19 cases rise in Brazos County

Posted at 9:14 AM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 10:14:24-04

The Brazos County Health District is dealing with the Delta variant. At last check, they're tracking 16 cases. So how are nursing homes preparing if another lockdown happens?

The number of new COVID-19 cases is back on the rise in Brazos County. Nursing homes and families are remaining positive that their nonstop mitigation efforts will keep everyone safe.

At the start of the pandemic, Nancy Crouch saw this coming.

“I was prepared that we were getting ready to be closed and yeah it was hard but I knew mom was safe," said Nancy Crouch, daughter of Legacy Nursing resident.

It was about 6 months that Nancy Crouch was unable to see her mom at Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation. But she was just happy to know her mom was safe.

“I knew she was safe and healthy and being that we could see each other every week that was a real comfort because I went from every day to once a week,” Crouch added.

Crouch’s mom has dementia, so she is still not fully aware of the pandemic but enjoys the little moments she and her daughter spend together.

During a period of visitations, Crouch would come to visit her mom however she could even if that meant through a window.

“I knew that was the best thing so yeah it was sad not to go in, but I knew it was the right thing,” said Crouch.

Since mask mandates were lifted in the Lone Star State nothing changed for long-term care and nursing home facilities like legacy nursing in Bryan.

The nursing home continued to enforce all mitigation efforts among the staff, guests and residents.

“Ongoing efforts of staff that takes place just as our own mitigation efforts continue, we will ramp that up if it goes above 10 percent,” said Myles Holyfield, Legacy Nursing Corporate Vice President.

All of the staff is tested daily. They currently have no positive cases which is why they're not testing residents.

As they continue to closely monitor the situation with the rising concerns of the Delta variant, the company says indoor visits could possibly come to a halt, but they hope it does not come to that.