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Navasota Police: Suspects sought in connection with bank robbery

Posted at 1:35 PM, Nov 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-02 20:11:01-04

NAVASOTA, Texas — The Navasota Police Department is searching for several armed robbery suspects accused of robbing a PNC bank located in the 600 block of East Washington Avenue.


Two armed suspects entered the bank, taking an undetermined amount of money, and fled in a four-door black vehicle believed to be either an Accord or Honda Civic, Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt said.

No one was injured during the armed robbery.

Chief Myatt said the suspects ran off to a small creak area behind the bank where a "getaway car" was waiting for them. He also stated there is a possibility of a third suspect that acted as the driver of said vehicle.

Local businesses, like Creative Minds Childcare center across the street, saw some of the initial commotions, and police officers’ quick arrival.

“Well when it happened, the kids were going into nap time," said Felisa Randale, director of Creative Minds Childcare. "They were already down [to sleep]. But we messaged all the parents letting them know that we made the decision to lock down for precautionary measures.”

Brule Elementary School and a Navasota ISD administration building also went into a soft lockdown, lasting for almost an hour, after being notified by Navasota PD the bank robbery suspects had fled near the area.

During the lockdown, no one on campus was allowed in or out of the building, and students continued on with their daily classes, Myatt said.

The soft lockdown has since been rescinded.

Anyone with information on the bank robbery is asked to call the Navasota Police Department at 936-825-6410 or dial 911.

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