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Mobile vet tech service helps animals in need within Texas community

Posted at 11:15 PM, Oct 25, 2022

BRYAN, Texas — Our furry friends need to go to the vet, but sometimes they get anxious or grumpy.

Two local nonprofit organizations, Long Way Home Adoptables and BCS Pet Nurse, are coming together to help animals in need within the community.

“Long Way Home is a local nonprofit organization that helps animals in need,” said April Plemons. “We tend to focus on the most vulnerable population, so whether it’s animals with abuse or neglect, they’re elderly or have some medical needs, those are the ones we tend to focus on the most.”

April Plemons is the founder and executive director of Long Way Home Adoptables.

“Every time a pet is adopted, you get a coupon for free at-home vet tech services so every adoption through Long Way Home is going to get a free house call and free nail trims,” said Plemons.

Jaci Christensen is a licensed veterinary technician with BCS Pet Nurse.

“A lot of the time when an animal is first adopted, especially from a rescue setting, there’s fear involved,” said Jaci Christensen, BCS Pet Nurse. “They’re adjusting to their environment and having their new pet owner take them right into a clinic or groomer can be kind of be scary so we thought that may be a good way for us to give back.”

Christensen said that while BCS Pet Nurses are not veterinarians or professional groomers, they saw a need in the community to help animals.

“We want to be impactful,” said Christensen. “Whether that’s helping with that scared dog or cat that can’t easily go into the vet clinic or groomer or things like rescues. So, we started kind of thinking outside of the box on how we can help the community.”

Plemons said she uses the service and says her cat appreciates the house calls.

“My cat who gets very stressful and ends up having to be sedated whenever she goes to the vet, so this way a great way for them to come to us,” said Plemons. “It was easy. It was a five-minute visit. They were in and out and she was low stress.”

More details on adoptions with Long Way Home Adoptables can be found here, and mobile vet tech services with BCS Vet Nurse here.