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Looking at how freshmen & seniors prepare for classes at Texas A&M

Posted at 9:43 PM, Aug 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-29 22:44:15-04

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — A day of new beginnings at Texas A&M is on the horizon as students prepare for Monday’s first day of school.

Those new beginnings look very different for a freshmen who are just starting their college experience as for seniors who are nearing the end of theirs.

Freshmen roommates Grace Irish and Riley Reynolds had a productive day mapping out their classes before the first day of school.

"If someone asked me for directions, I probably couldn't give it to them but pretty much I know my way around," Reynolds said.

Reynolds completed summer school on campus and Irish arrived a couple weeks ago.

"I'm like by myself," Irish said. "It was weird, but it was a good weird. It was like I feel prepared."

But the first day of classes is bringing a mix of emotions.

"I am not that nervous, but I am really excited to start," Reynolds said.

"Honestly I really liked school," Irish said. "I loved going to school so I think just jumping back in and always having something to do. I'm real excited for that."

They aren't the only ones on campus ready. A&M senior Maddie Andras is equally excited.

"I'm glad everyone is back on campus and seems to be a little more busy and exciting, and a good way to start senior year," Andras said.

Andras said she is still doing some last-minute prepping and is in the back-to-school groove. Because she knows how intimidating the first day can be, she has a little advice for freshmen like Reynolds and Irish.

"Don't be afraid to meet people," Andras said. "The campus is a lot smaller than it seems. I see people I know all the time on campus."

More advice, if anyone is needing help getting the conversation started, just say "Howdy!"