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Locals check-in, as the power checks out in Brazos County

Posted at 8:54 PM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 16:43:11-05

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — They say everything is bigger in Texas... and up until recently, that has almost never included the dumping of snow and below-freezing temperatures.

However, you could say the hotel industry is also having to weather the storm, right beside us all.

Regionally, Texas isn't equipped with handling the cold and the hotel industry is seeing the wrath of record temperatures, and dire conditions, that have blanketed the everyday living of Texans.

Despite this all, they are adapting and answering the call of so many locals right here in Brazos County.

For family-owned, and operated, La Quinta Inn and Suites on Earl Rudder Freeway in College Station, the phones just haven't stopped ringing.

"Thank you for calling College Station La Quinta North. How can I help you? ... Unfortunately sir, we do not have any rooms available," Amaan Dosani, an employee at La Quinta Inn and Suites in College Station says to callers, still looking to find some heat.

Bouncing off of a sold-out weekend from the Texas Youth Football All-Star Showcase, and now this, the locally-owned hotel says, it's been a 'journey'.

"What is happening... is everyone in our city is not experiencing power, but we are? We are fortunate enough to have our power on for the past day, but we do not know if it's going to go out or not," Dosani added.

For Dosani, the hardest part is not knowing if they will fall victim to the mandatory blackouts being felt statewide.

"... and for precautions, we are asking guests to not use the elevators in case they do shut us out at any moment," Dosani noted.

Outside of manning long shifts, and employees not able to make it into town due to hazardous road conditions, Dosani says, he has still seen some positives on the other side.

"I am just fortunate to know that our lights are on, so, as an employee, I am doing the best I can to provide for the guests and I hope that we are able to attain these guests, and in the future when something happens, they know they can trust us over here," Dosani shared.

Across town, Greg Stafford with the Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center says, they are using the spaces they have to best serve the community, along with those who are answering the call of the current Texas freeze outages.

"We have also had a number of folks, both within the city and the community, who are responding to this condition, including utility folks, food workers, others that are serving the people, but are unable to get back and forth to their own homes," Stafford, General Manager with the Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center said.