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Local law enforcement agencies raise money towards pediatric cancer research

Posted at 9:37 PM, Jan 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-06 13:13:00-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — Brazos county law enforcement officers (LEOS) team up to fight childhood cancer. Thanks to your generosity – they helped raise thousands of dollars for research.

Helping the cure starts now raise awareness and funding revolutionary innovative research to get one step closer to the homerun cure for cancer.

Since November, our LEO's have teamed up raising funds for pediatric cancer research in an initiative known as the beard it up challenge.

“To feel that support you know from our law enforcement especially with everything that’s been going on nationally to know that your local law enforcement do care,” said Jennifer Adams, mother of pediatric cancer patient.

The cops say its personal. Even some families within law enforcement are fighting their own battles with pediatric cancer.

”We all know someone whose been impacted cancer whether personally," shared Lt. Bobby Richardson, TAMU PD. "Family member or friend and it’s just an opportunity to help others and spread awareness and hopefully find the home-run cure to cancer."

Parents like Jennifer Adams are immensely thankful.

“People don’t understand how little research goes into pediatric cancer," added Adams. "Like for instance you know my daughter has Ewing and for the first initial treatment the regime has not changed since the 80’s,”

According to the cure starts now, a child is diagnosed with cancer every 3 minutes. But only 4 cents of every dollar of the National Cancer Institute funding goes towards pediatric cancer research.

”We were told actually less than double digits of the total funding for cancer research goes into pediatric cancer,” said Rhett Cutshaver, father of pediatric cancer survivor.

“More and more kids are being diagnosed every year with a rare form of cancer and so any amount of funding would really go towards finding a cure for these kids that have their whole lives ahead of them

The four Brazos county law enforcement agencies raised nearly 15,000 thousand dollars.

Bryan police, college station police, Texas A&M police and the Brazos county sheriff’s office all took part in the event.