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Local kids use allowance money, food from own pantries to help those in need

Posted at 6:28 PM, Nov 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-24 19:28:13-05

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — One local preschool is teaching children the value of helping their neighbors this Thanksgiving.

Students at the Primrose School of College Station paid a visit on Monday to Twin City Mission and the Bridge Ministries in Bryan, delivering over 1,100 pounds of canned goods.

The canned goods were collected or purchased by kids like five-year-old Natalie Hepfer.

“I took out the trash and I cleaned my room," Natalie said.

Just like many of her peers, she raised money to buy food donations by doing chores at home. Other kids were able to collect cans from their own homes to bring to school.

Twin City Mission spokesperson Ron Crozier was excited to have the Primrose classes arrive on Monday. His own granddaughter, a Primrose student, was a part of the experience.

“My little five-year-old granddaughter was so excited about it," he recalled. "She came in, and her mom told me about it. She came into the pantry and said, ‘I’ve got to fill the box! I’ve got to fill the box! There are hungry people and I’ve got to help!’”

Bridge Ministries and Twin City Mission will give the donated food directly back to the community. Crozier noted that donations like these are critical, and so are the educational moments that accompany them.

"This is a venture within our community that is so needed," he said. "We have a giving community and all we have to do is put the word out, and our community responds.”

The Hepfer family says they hope Natalie will grow up continuing to serve others in her town.

“It’s great to make this experience not just about the kids and learning, but also about helping the community and making our community a better place,” said her father Brad Hepfer.