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Local Disney on Ice performer returns to the main stage, defying all odds

Posted at 11:42 AM, Apr 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-29 12:42:40-04

BRAZOS VALLEY, TX — A Bryan woman made her dreams come true. She's performing with "Disney on Ice" after setting her sights on this goal as a young girl.

Spirit Ice Arena is where Jamie Hathaway's magical journey began.

After watching her first Disney on Ice show in College Station as a young girl, Hathaway dreamed of becoming a professional figure skater.

“It was just the magic of it all. When I was a 4-years-old and seeing it and being like okay that’s amazing I'm going to do it,” said Jamie Hathaway, performer for Disney on Ice.

Hathaway began skating at age seven. Overcoming many obstacles including a scoliosis diagnosis and making sacrifices along the way. It was all worth it though when her dream came true. She joined Disney on Ice in 2019.

But the dream was put on pause because of the pandemic.

”Initially, everyone was lost everyone was kind of in this twilight zone of what do we do? Do we sit and do we wait? Do we move on with our lives?” added Hathaway.

It brought her back to where it all began. She returned to the Brazos Valley to help develop the next generation of figure skaters.

Hathaway began hosting lessons at Spirit Ice arena while she was staying with her parents in Bryan.

”This is where dreams are made and achieved and, it’s a good starting place,” Said Doniel Mayer, the Co-owner of Spirit Ice Arena.

“I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There have been some intense ups and intense downs in my life, and they’ve all gotten me where I am now,” Hathaway shared.

This month, she returned to Dallas for her first performance after the pandemic. At that moment, her journey came full circle.

The American Airlines center is where she first auditioned for Disney on Ice.

“Going from being on the road and then being sent home for eleven months, and then getting the opportunity to do what I love again and the first place we open up is in Texas like that’s just," Hathaway explained. "I could not have asked for a better situation,”

Hathaway plays the role of Little Bo-Peep from Toy Story along with other characters throughout the show.

Mickeys Search Party Disney on Ice Show is currently in Texas and will be in San Antonio this weekend!