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Local College Station Man to be honored and launched into space

Posted at 7:24 PM, May 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-10 23:49:24-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — It’s an opportunity that’s provided beyond someone's lifetime. Through Celestis Inc. people are giving their loved ones' cremated ashes the chance to orbit outer space. One College Station man will be honored by his wife this May as he is launched into space with the Ascension flight.

Malu Satyro and her late husband Marco Satyro have always dreamed of blasting off into space together. And just like that Marco will soon orbit outer space looking over his family for years to come.

Marco Satyro’s passion for all things related outer space sparked from a young age.

”Marco liked everything that was up to be explored I guess, he was very curious,” said Malu Satyro.

That curiosity spilled over into Malu as she searched for a way to give her late husband one last gift.

"We give people a little bit of fulfillment, a little bit of closure, and even a little bit of joy,” said Charles Chafer, co-founder of Celestis Inc.

It’s a special moment for family members but also for Chafer. Since founding the company in 1997 they’ve launched 17 memorial space flights so far.

“It’s really very special to know your loved one is aboard something that is going to space,” added Chafer.

Family members who send their late loved one's ashes to orbit space are also given the ability to track them as they pass over their home.

“For my kids to always look up and see that daddy’s up there, talk to him, and feel his presence,” added Malu.

Malu says Marco is spectacular and hopes his journey is just as equivalent as he is.

“He would say, thanks love and he would, again another one of his phrases, this is the cat’s meow,” Malu shared.

The Ascension flight will launch on May 25th where family members will watch from Cape Canaveral for the first time since stopping in-person launches in 2020.

Every Celestis launch makes a profit where the company donates a portion of the revenue to a charity.

The Ascension flight will donate to taking up space, giving four Native American women the chance to attend space camp this summer.